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Four Legged Friends Fdtn.

Four Legged Friends Foundation is proud to announce Debra Wilson as our Celebrity Spokesperson. It is our honor to have her powerful and committed voice for animal welfare. She has been a valuable asset assisting us with our daily operations to help the animals in need. We are excited to have Debra Wilson as part of The FLuFF Pack.

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"Love and blessings, everyone!! It's such an honor to be the new celebrity spokesperson for Four Legged Friends Foundation!! I'd love to thank Sandra, Tanya, and all the other dedicated team members who truly believe in this organization and who work tirelessly, 365 days a year to raise the conscious vibration of all animals, who are devoted companions and in need of medical attention, love and care.

FLuFF also devotes its efforts to reaching new goals in 2010 and beyond, by establishing outreach to many communities for the purposes of education, a sharing of resources and entertainment... If you've never seen a dog "boogie", then you ain't seen nothin' yet!

So why become a follower of ours on Facebook, or donate your time and money? Because I believe that without the love and experience of these amazing sentient beings, a part of our soul remain unawake. Because I believe it's time to celebrate the best of who we are, as human beings, and not cower from the hard work, laughter, joy and great reward that lies ahead for everyone who believes and cares.

May you find peace and prosperity of spirit, in the name of your higher good towards others. Thank you." Love, Debra xox

“The mission of Four Legged Friends Foundation is to promote programs that save family pets, increase adoptions and share the joy pets bring to people.”

Four Legged Friends Foundation needs your support to help make a difference in the community for animals and people. Please Donate Now. By giving today, your gift will be used to assist so many more animals that have no voice and the people that benefit from them. Thank you!